Welcome to Cheekys Brand

We are a small company with three major online outlets for reaching your needs, plus two brick-and-mortar retail locations. Through these outlets, you can find Cheekys Original clothing, clothing from our favorite brands, home decor, jewelry, boots, and accessories. Welcome, y’all!

CHEEKYS_Retail_Logo_Button_clearNeed some Cheekys in your closet? Click here for our Online Retail store.
CHEEKYS_Auction_Logo_Buttons_clearGoing once… Going twice…
CHEEKYS_MH_Buttons_clearFeelin’ punchy? Walk into¬†our Central/Eastern Idaho¬†store.
CHEEKYS_SRV_Logo_Button_clearThe higher the hair, the closer to Heaven! Visit this Cheekys salon and retail store. Western Idaho/Eastern Oregon.
CHEEKYS_Wholesale_Logo_Button_clearAre you a RETAILER looking to purchase wholesale for your store or boutique?